Environmental Design

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We incorporate environmental design in all our work – both large scale and domestic projects.

Environmental Design for Large Housing Projects

Sustainable Design

A variety of design solutions are employed to deliver sustainable engineering solutions – surface water balancing, run off reduction, sustainable urban drainage  Systems (SUDS), consumption reduction, increased permeability – can all help control surface water flows whilst adding to environmental quality.

Design for Disabilities

Careful appraisal and design enables full consideration  of the special needs of particular user groups. Internal environments are designed to provide flexible arrangements that allow for resident choice and customisation.


Defining public and private areas by good design is critical to designing out crime.

We aim to create a safe and secure environment by following the principals set out in ‘Secure By Design’ and involving the Crime Prevention Officer in the design process on all projects.

Landscape Design

New housing can significantly help existing local biodiversity, through planting or retaining landscapes which provide much needed habitats for wildlife.

Designs should also benefit the local community and offer varying facilities for particular user groups.

Environmental Design for Domestic Projects

Energy Conservation

The range of small scale local options for producing renewable energy are increasing and these are taken into account at the design stage.

Efficient use of resources contribute to protecting the environment and helping keep household bills to a minimum.

Designing in high levels of insulation, controlled ventilation, water conservation and renewable energy sources all play a major part in the design brief.