Domestic Projects

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Our Approach

We are able to supplement your own input with our design experience that will ensure an improvement to your property.

Whether it be a contemporary or traditional solution, we aim to always add value with carefully considered design.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a great way of achieving space and improving value.

DPS has many years experience in dealing with the complexities of loft conversions that will help you arrive at the best solution for your property.

Energy Conservation

The range of small scale local options for producing renewable energy are increasing and these are taken into account at the design stage.

Efficient use of resources contribute to protecting the environment and helping keep household bills to a minimum.

Designing in high levels of insulation, controlled ventilation, water conservation and renewable energy sources all play a major part in the design brief.

Our Projects

We work with private home owners across the South East of England who want to increase the space of their property through extensions and loft conversions.